Welcome to Nicene International

Nicene International Ministries was a Canadian para-church ministry devoted to the fulfillment of the Great Commission through evangelism and apologetics. As of the fiscal year 2016, NIM is now an inactive charity as its staff and volunteers have moved on to other projects. The Director, Steven Martins, is now operating at the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

The ministry was originally founded in June 2012 as Evangelium & Apologia Ministries, until the legal name change came into effect on June 10, 2015. NIM now provides an online resource center for Christian apologetics and theology.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Nicene International

  1. Hi, I live in a muslim country. And Much of this material is simply banned. Is there any way I can get lecture notes or references to this particular debate?

    It would be a great help.

    Thank you.

    Alan Tan.

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