Resource of the Week - RZIM Canada

This week we are featuring and endorsing the next Resource of the Week as RZIM Canada’s wonderfully produced TV series called Burning Questions, which aired on Yes TV in 2014. It was certainly one of the most exciting documentary series of the year in which some of life’s biggest questions were posed towards atheists, muslims, jewish scholars and others. It was, in other words, a survey of what every major worldview believed, and that in essence provided the means for the biblical Gospel to be later presented as the only truth in a most academic and practical manner, through dialogue and careful discussion of the concluding evidence.

Led by Dr. Andy Bannister, you’ll find him travel through three different countries (including Canada and England), speak with various scholars and experts, and follow the evidence to where it leads. He is one of the greatest examples as to how to have intelligible conversations with those who don’t share your own views, and yet know how to also form lasting relationships. You can visit the Burning Questions website at and order your copy of the full program at an amazingly affordable cost.

Although this was a free product provided to me for review by Graf-Martins Communication, I had already been following the episodes and had planned to eventually buy a copy of my own. This is a must have, and seeing both Dr. Shabir Ally and Jay Smith in Burning Questions, who both featured in our debate back in September, was an exciting thrill. Get a Copy, recommend it to a friend (regardless of what their faith is), and start using this for your personal (or group) study.


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