To my friends and supporters,

I am excited to announce that as of August 15, 2015 I will be joining the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC) as Staff Apologist and Junior Scholar in Residence. The EICC was founded by Dr. Joseph Boot, former Canadian Director of RZIM, and current Senior Pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto. This is an exciting opportunity that will enable me to continue my ministry work with greater effectiveness under the mentorship of Dr. Boot and Dr. Scott Masson. My itinerant speaking ministry will continue under EICC, as opposed to Nicene International (formerly E&AM) which will become inactive as of the end of 2015, and my international missions trips with my wife Cindy will also take place under the EICC banner. This arrangement will also provide me with opportunities to explore and develop new projects to further advance God’s kingdom in Canada, Latin America and beyond. The Major Dialogue event this Fall with Dr. Andy Bannister of RZIM, Dr. Shabir Ally, and Justin Trottier, will be our year-end event for Nicene International.

The Ezra Institute’s mission is to equip God’s people to defend, demonstrate and apply biblical Christian faith in every sphere of life, as defined by Scripture and as commanded in both the cultural mandate and the great commission. EICC seeks to fulfill this mission by providing the Christian community with teaching resources, as well as several key events, such as the annual Mission of God conference, leadership roundtable events for equipping Christian leaders, the annual Christian Legal Institute for law students and other leaders in the Christian community, the Wilberforce Academy in England, and other ground-breaking developments. We invite you to visit the EICC website at and consider subscribing for our free Jubilee magazine.

For a successful transition to the Ezra Institute, I need to raise financial support for my full-time work at EICC. Would you consider partnering with me and the EICC on a monthly basis? There are a few ways that you can pledge your support in helping us advance God’s kingdom. If you’re already partnering with us at Nicene International, you can simply transfer your financial support to the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

Options for Donating

  1. Donate Online at
  2. Donate at
  3. Donate by Cheque to Ezra Institute, 9 Hewitt Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 1Y4

Thank you for coming alongside me to further advance the kingdom of God, I greatly appreciate your support and partnership. Please prayerfully consider how you can support us financially going forward, and please also include us in your prayers.

Steven R. Martins


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