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Recently, I created a new Facebook Page called 1689 Puritans, with the purpose of promoting historic Particular Baptist theology and history. As part of that page, I decided to create this Reader to help acquaint readers with Christian theology and practice from a confessional Reformed Baptist perspective. This Reader has two audiences in mind: 1) those who are Reformed Baptist by persuasion, and are interested in theological resources from within their own tradition, and 2) non-Reformed Baptists who are interested in knowing what we believe and why.

In order to maximize accessibility for those viewing this Reader, I have stuck to works that are available in the public domain. Most of the works featured here are writings from the 17th through early 20th centuries. A few modern day works have also been included, which are indicated using parentheses. With the exception of the last three sections (Biography, Bible Commentary, and Other), it is recommended that readers go through the works in each section in the order listed.

Basics/The Gospel     

  1. James R. White – The Empty Hand of Faith (Modern)
  2. Charles H. Spurgeon – All of Grace
  3. Charles H. Spurgeon – Around the Wicket Gate
  4. John Bunyan – Pilgrim’s Progress (with a preface by John Newton)

The first three items in this section are meant to be evangelistic tracts, meaning that they presuppose a non-Christian audience, making them ideal for use in sharing the Gospel. Pilgrim’s Progress has also been included in this list because it is such an important classic piece of Puritan/Reformed piety that, in my opinion, everybody–Christian and non-Christian–must read it.

Confessions and Catechisms

  1. A Catechism for Girls and Boys
  2. Benjamin Keach – The Baptist Catechism
  3. The Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)
  4. Hercules Collins – An Orthodox Catechism
  5. The First London Baptist Confession (1646)
  6. Benjamin Cox – An Appendix to a Confession of Faith (1646)
  7. John Spilsbury – The Personal Confession of Ten Articles
  8. John Gill – Declaration of Faith
  9. The New Hampshire Baptist Confession (1833)
  10. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – Abstract of Principles (1858)

Check out for a commentary on  the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Also, click here for a comparison between the LBCF, the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Savoy Declaration.

Systematic Theology

  1. James Petigru Boyce – An Abstract of Systematic Theology
  2. John L. Dagg – Manual of Theology
  3. John Gill – A Body of Doctrinal Divinity
  4. John Gill – A Body of Practical Divinity


  1. The Doctrines of Grace (Modern)
  2. Walter J. Chantry – The Myth of Free-Will (Modern)
  3. Walter J. Chantry – Man’s Will-Free Yet Bound (Modern)
  4. Charles H. Spurgeon – A Defence of Calvinism
  5. John Bunyan – Reprobation Asserted
  6. Benjamin Coxe – Some Mistaken Scriptures Sincerely Explained
  7. Arthur W. Pink – The Sovereignty of God
  8. Arthur W. Pink – The Satisfaction of Christ
  9. Abraham Booth – The Reign of Grace
  10. John Gill – The Cause of God and Truth
  11. Andrew Fuller – The Gospel Worthy of all Acceptation

For more contemporary defenses of Reformed soteriology against the arguments of Arminian theologians and apologists, check out the following debates by James R. White.

Covenant Theology

  1. Arthur W. Pink – The Divine Covenants
  2. Arthur W. Pink – The Application of the Scriptures
  3. Benjamin Keach – A Display of Glorious Grace
  4. Robert B. C. Howell – The Covenants
  5. Abraham Booth – Essay on the Kingdom of Christ
  6. James A. Gunn – A Critique of New Covenant Theology (Modern)
  7. Greg Welty – Eschatological Fulfilment and the Confirmation of Mosaic Law (Modern)
  8. Richard C. Barcellos – John Bunyan and New Covenant Theology (Modern)

For more information on Baptist Covenant Theology, check out the website


  1. Walter J. Chantry – Baptism and Covenant Theology (Modern)
  2. John Spilsbury – A Treatise Concerning the Lawful Subjects of Baptism
  3. John Spilsbury – God’s Ordinance, The Saints’ Privilege
  4. Charles H. Spurgeon – ‘Till He Comes
  5. John Gill – Infant Baptism, an Innovation

For a comparison of the arguments for credobaptism and for paedobaptism, check out the following baptism debates.

I also recommend the following sermon series by Richard Barcellos on the Lord’s Supper.


  1. John Bunyan – Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
  2. The Trial of Mr. Benjamin Keach
  3. George Smith – Life of William Carey
  4. John L. Dagg – Autobiography
  5. Charles H. Spurgeon – Diary, Letters, and Records (vol. 1)
  6. Charles H. Spurgeon – Diary, Letters, and Records (vol. 2)

Bible Commentary

  1. John Gill – Exposition of the Bible
  2. Charles H. Spurgeon – A Treasury of David (on the Psalms)
  3. A. T. Robertson – A Harmony of the Four Gospels
  4. A. T. Robertson – Word Pictures in the New Testament


  1. James R. White – A Brief Definition of the Trinity (Modern)
  2. Arthur W. Pink – Profiting from the Word
  3. Arthur W. Pink – Comfort for Christians
  4. Arthur W. Pink – The Doctrine of Justification
  5. John Gill – Of the Nature of a Gospel Church
  6. Charles H. Spurgeon – Lectures to My Students
  7. Benjamin Keach – Types and Metaphors in Scripture

For more good .pdf e-books, check out the following websites

An approximate timeline of when the above men lived and died (with links to brief biographies)