About Us

Mission Statement
Nicene International is devoted towards the transformation of culture through the fulfillment of the Great Commission, consisting of evangelism, apologetics, and the equipping of the Church.

Vision Statement
Nicene International envisions a Christ-centered culture, transformed not by humanistic means but by the redemptive power of the biblical Gospel and the application of God’s sovereign word.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank God for having you.iam the leader of LIGHT OF THE WORD CHAPEL IN GHANA. Please i will love to have the training for evangelism,apologetics and development so as to impact in the church and the community.l will be grateful to hear from you soon.God bless u.

  2. shalom and god bless you brother Luis.I appreciate anyone who will stand for the holy bible.I watched your debates with Dr.Shabir.Maybe you dont know or realise it but the Man is also anointed by a Spirit to quote and deny gods holy word the way he does.He many be honest to a certain extent,god alone knows the heart of man.My honest opinion according to gods holy word is,that debates will never work even if you convince some by your knowledge and studies.The only answer for convincing any unbeliever is by the baptism of the holly ghost and power for Service:As you know god cannot Change and hsis power is still the same.So god says in order to get that power you must be b aptized in the name of Jesus christ and you shall receive it for that same promise is to the end of the world…today too.This powere was demonstrated before all the religions of the world in Bombay and Durban south africa.But because of jealous Ministers who couldnt prove Christ lives today,the ministry was called false like they also did our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.all the best to you my friend.

    watchman sam

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